Finding Your Perfect Wedding Planner
22 Jun 2018

Finding Your Perfect Wedding Planner

A perfect wedding planner can be many things during the months leading up to your big day. Your best friend, a cheerleader, your therapist, an extra set of eyes and your guide onto the path of your wedding journey. So, it’s important to find a planner that you can trust to see your vision and make your wedding day dreams come true. But, how can you know that you are choosing the right wedding planner? Finding your perfect wedding planner is like shopping for a perfect pair of shoes; you have to try on a few to find the right fit and make sure that they do not rub you the wrong way. They also have to be comfortable, cute and will look good in all kinds of weather. We sat down with Vangie De La Concha and got a few tips on how you can choose the best wedding planner.

Show Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

Vangie recommends that when you first meet with a potential wedding planner, first you need to make sure that they are in your budget. You don’t want to fall in love with a planner to then realize that you cannot afford her services. After checking that off your list, next ask her what services are and make sure that you share with her what you are looking for in your wedding planning. A good wedding planner doesn’t have packages that she fits into a bride’s needs; she creates a personalized service that the brides needs and takes out the things that she doesn’t.

You Give Me That Loving Feeling

Next, ask yourself if you feel that “click;” that special connection between your potential planner and yourself. And remember, while you are interviewing your potential planner, she’s also interviewing you to make sure that she feels the connection as well. As Vangie says, “I need to know that my bride will give me her complete trust and confidence, and trusts the process.” Planning a wedding is full of constantly moving parts and having a professional wedding planner in your corner that you trust will make the entire process go smoothly and effortlessly.

Vangie Events-Bride-Bella Collina- Perfect Wedding Planner

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Now that you have established a connection with your potential perfect wedding planner, and you are ready to have her join your wedding planning team; ask her what her favorite part of the wedding planning process is. This is a great way to see, after planning hundreds of weddings what leaves an imprint on your potential planner. Vangie’s favorite part of the process is what she calls her “David Tutera moment.”  “It’s when I get to give my couples “The Grand Reveal” of their reception area before their guests see it.” For Vangie, this part never gets old and each time, she gets butterflies in her stomach as she opens the doors to the ballroom.

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Photo Credit- KV Photography

Time After Time

One last tip from Vangie is this, talk to your potential planner about her wedding day timeline. For Vangie, it’s important to make sure that her couples have time to take a deep breath together and focus on their wedding day. “Your wedding is about the two of you; not your guests, not your families. Take to heart the day and enjoy it. It will fly by.” Vangie makes it a part of her wedding day timeline for the couple to pause together. She creates an intimate, private cocktail reception just for the bride and groom for them to connect and enjoy.

Vangie Events- Bella Collina-Perfect Wedding Planner

Choosing a wedding planner is one of the biggest and most important decisions in your wedding planning (after saying YES of course) and if you choose your perfect wedding planner, you are guaranteed a smooth and fun wedding planning process that you have dreamed about. Don’t settle for a planner; find one that you love! Contact Vangie today to set up a consultation to see if you are the perfect fit and start loving your wedding planning.

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