Florida Ethnic Wedding Design
12 Jul 2016

Florida Ethnic Wedding Design

Florida is home to many different cultures. This diversity becomes even more evident when having an ethnic wedding. Traditional weddings call for unique designs in their ceremony. Funmi and Bolaji decided to have two weddings, therefore, they had an American wedding and a traditional wedding that was true to their heritage.

The Design Behind an Ethnic Wedding

 The traditional wedding design was modern, yet symbolic of their families roots. The couple wanted to use an eye-catching theme as part of their celebration. The bright colors, decorations, and traditional clothing reflected a truly vibrant affair. 

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The American Wedding

The couple’s two weddings couldn’t be more different in design, but both managed to captivate enchanting results. The American wedding symbolized luxury and elegance using a white, blush and gold theme. The tall centerpieces at the reception dinner captivated a whimsical feel by adding curly willow tips, exotic greens and candle-lit lanterns.



Alakija Studios did a fabulous job capturing every detail and moment of the love-filled celebration. Congratulations, Funmi & Bolaji! We were honored to be a part of your wedding, and we wish you nothing but the best for your future!

Venue – Bella Collina

Wedding Planner – Vangie’s Events of Distinction

Design/Floral – Blossoms Arrangements of Distinction

Photographer – Alakija Studios

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