Karina & Christian: Lebanese Isleworth Wedding
21 Mar 2022

Karina & Christian: Lebanese Isleworth Wedding

When you are invited to a Lebanese wedding, you are in for a real treat! And when you are the wedding planner and florist, the treat is tenfold! Karina and Christian’s fabulous Lebanese wedding at Isleworth Golf & Country Club was more than the union of two people. It was about family, friends food, and fun! From their romantic church ceremony to their elegant reception with surprises galore!  Every moment of this wedding was perfectly planned and flawlessly executed.

One thing you can expect with a Lebanese wedding is that the fun starts first thing! My bride and her bridal party kicked their day off with a glass of bubbly. And while the ladies popped bottles and shared some laughs, my team worked magic behind the scenes. The look of serenity and peace on my bride’s face is proof that having a team of wedding professionals is like having your own fairy-godmother making your dreams come true.

And speaking of fairy-godmothers! When Karina slipped into her Rosa Clará gown, it was as if a magic wand was waved over her. The classic styling of this gorgeous gown was made for this beautiful bride. The full skirt and lace detailing were breathtaking. And the headpiece and veil completed the bridal look.

In Lebanese wedding tradition, Karina’s bridesmaids chose sparkly gowns in delicate pastel colors that complimented the bride’s gown. They wore a natural hair and makeup look. And to complete their natural elegant look, each lady carried a hand-wrapped bouquet filled with greenery and floral.

Wedding Ceremony Floral

Now, the bouquets were just the beginning of the floral gorgeousness that my team and I at Blossoms Arrangements of Distinction created for my lovely couple. First, greenery with floral accents wrapped the stairway going into the chapel.


And then, when the doors to the church were opened, there was a flower explosion! A greenery arch was at the base of the aisle. On the church pews, swags of greenery and floral led up the alter. And framing the aisle, a row of white petals.

As per the culture, the Lebanese wedding ceremony must take place in a church. Surrounded by their friends and family in the church pews, Karina and Christian shared their vows. And sealed their union with a kiss.

Lebanese wedding tradition would have wedding guests gathered in the street following the ceremony to see the happy couple off. They would bang pots and pans together in an effort to protect them from evil spirits.  But today, wedding guests honk their car horns instead on their way to the reception.

Enchanted Isleworth Country Club Reception

After a lively and fun drive to Isleworth Golf & Country Club for the reception, the wedding guests were definitely ready to party! The ballroom was transformed into an enchanted garden dream come true. Green vines created a cover for the dining area. The mirrored tables were topped with more breathtaking floral. And pillars of candles gave soft sparkle to the room.

As the guests took their seats, they awaited the “zaffé.” This is the traditional Lebanese reception entrance for the bride and groom. A Lebanese wedding without a zaffé is unheard of and considered incomplete!

Karina and Christian danced their way into the ballroom with LayaLina Zaffe Abdallah leading the way. Their family and friends circled around the couple while they clapped, cheered, and celebrated the bride and groom.

And this was just the beginning of Karina and Christian’s celebration. Traditional Lebanese weddings have fireworks and guess what my bride and groom had? Yes, they had their very own firework display during their first dance.

One of the Lebanese wedding traditions that I love the most is the wedding cake. Typically, the cake is a grand creation, with up to nine tiers and adorned with fresh flowers. The bride and groom use a sword to cut the cake together, sealing their sweet life together.

Of course, there were more surprises throughout the night. And yes, there was more dancing. Karina and Christian’s beautiful wedding was a pleasure to plan and design. And it was a complete joy to watch it all come together. Cheers to my happy couple!



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